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EIS Transition

TurningPoint’s best-in-class support for EIS transition and ongoing business operations features three levels of service: EIS Transition, EIS-Plus, & EIS-Plus MBO

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Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, TurningPoint provides systems integration, software engineering, and professional IT services for a diversified group of commercial, state, and federal government customers. TurningPoint specializes in Healthcare IT, Telecom Expense Management software and associated services for both the wireless and wired telecommunication services.

What We Do

Government Health IT

Deep domain knowledge in the Medicare and Medicaid marketplace distinguishes TurningPoint's service offering in Health IT

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Configuration Management Service Request Service Order Inventory Transition Management Billing & Dispute Analysis & Reports Optimization

Government Telecom

Holistic enterprise-wide visibility and management of telecommunication services & assets

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Commercial Services

Industry business knowledge coupled with a proven Digital Playbook to help deliver mission-critical solutions

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Awards & Recognition

Customer Testimonials

The key personnel responsible for operations and transition performed excellently and provided superior customer services.

NIH, Contracting Specialist

The Government has been pleased with the support of the TurningPoint management and recognizes the partnership and transparency between our organizations.

CMS, Contracting Officer

TurningPoint delivered quality, time sensitive and mission-directed IV&V assessments to CMS.... The key personnel are professional and knowledgeable in conducting IV&V assessments.

CMS, Contracting Specialist

The contractor is dependable and has provided excellent communication through this period of performance. They provided excellent support and project management services.

CMS(FMSG), Contracting Officer

Contractor executive management regularly reached out to CMS stakeholders to ensure quality and alignment of services.

CMS(FMSG), Contracting Officer

The contractor was flexible in changing priorities to support the Stakeholders’ requests and deliver the project/release schedule on time.

CMS(NPPES), Contracting Officer

The contractor far exceeded the goal in forecasting, managing and controlling cost.

VA(OSS), Contracting Officer

The contractor hired and trained highly qualified employees with the appropriate skills levels to perform work.

VA(OSS), Contracting Officer