The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched a Virtual Contact Strategy (VCS) help desk to ensure its Beneficiary Contact Centers (BCCs) have all the telecom support services they need to provide Medicare beneficiaries information about their benefits, rights, and options. TurningPoint has performed this work since 2007 and currently provides services through our small business joint venture with DSFederal.

The Challenge

CMS needed to consolidate and optimize the performance of a variety of technical components and operational and business processes used by the BCCs, and also needed a greater ability to effectively monitor each BCC and the systems supporting them. CMS sought to minimize service disruption and system downtime by developing a single Tier 1/2 monitoring and help desk solution for all 1-800-MEDICARE beneficiary services. CMS seeks continual improvements to the system through more sophisticated issue tracking, classification, and resolution.

The Solution

The C3 help desk serves as a single consolidated point of support for all 1-800-MEDICARE voice and system problem resolution, providing a distinct source for management insight into the overall health of the system. Currently, we:

  • Monitor the 1-800-MEDICARE toll free network to support 100 percent service availability;
  • Proactively report network anomalies to prevent service disruption;
  • Balance call routing among call centers based on agent skills and language requirements to ensure optimum service and minimal wait time;
  • Monitor the smooth operation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system deployment (which can consist of more than 13,000 CSRs during peak enrollment periods) to ensure the availability of applications to call center agents; and
  • Gather metrics and perform analytics on system performance so the effectiveness of various aspects of the program can be quantitatively evaluated.

The Result

The C3 help desk provides for network problem resolution and uninterrupted delivery of vital healthcare information to Medicare beneficiaries. The BCCs rely on the support of the C3 help desk to enable them to field an average of 3.8 million calls each month.

  • CMS uses information provided by the C3 help desk to make informed operational decisions, such as green-lighting the provision of crisis bridge support in the event of a system outage.
  • Our team ensures that the 12 nation-wide call centers that support Medicare‚Äôs federally facilitated marketplace remain up and running so CMS can achieve its healthcare mission.
  • FedPoint resolves the more than 11,000 tickets that are submitted to C3 each month by working with telecom carriers and other contractors, enabling CMS to focus on other priorities.