Distributed Network Management System for the ground segment of a satellite communication infrastructure

A giant in the aerospace industry was under contract to build a mobile satellite communications network system to provide "next-generation" ground based, beam forming broadband satellite communications capability for customers across North America. The system would include two geo stationary communication satellites, four geographically dispersed Gateways, and a centralized network operations center. Our client was developing the earth stations and all ground-based beam forming (GBBF) systems under its contract to this aerospace leader.

The Challenge

Our client was in a time crunch because incumbent subcontractor was not able to meet requirements in building the satellite system's distributed Network Management System. This potentially could have resulted in contract default.

The Solution

TurningPoint quickly assembled a 24-person team of software engineers with satellite communications and network management expertise, and a commitment to bring the program back on track.

The Result

TurningPoint turned the program around in just three months and averted the potential contract default situation.

Using CMMI Maturity Level 3 processes, TurningPoint conducted this complex, large-scale development project with a two-year development cycle involving multiple delivery components and milestones. TurningPoint has delivered four ontime, within-budget major software releases. For this engagement, TurningPoint has:

  • Delivered over one million lines of code with less than 0.06% defect density.
  • Met all delivery commitments and service level agreements specifying zero priority level 1 and level 2 defects as an acceptance criterion, and stringent penalty clauses for any late delivery.