Business Need

Agencies contend with expanding demands for wireless telecom services within a constrained budget environment and a rapidly changing mobility marketplace.

  • IT Staff must support user demands for continuous and reliable mobility access, implement new technologies, and meet stringent security requirements – all at low cost
  • Managing devices, negotiating and optimizing rate plans, governing expenses, and complying with regulatory and reporting requirements are all critical to efficient delivery of mobility services
  • These demands will increase with adoption of 5G technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Offerings

TurningPoint provides a full range of managed mobility services, from a cost saving expense and usage audit to fully outsourced services. Our solutions, enabled by our Network Inventory and Optimization Solution (NiOS®), portal, include:

  • A Mobility Hub for all orders, requests, and help desk services
  • Planning and management of agency mobility needs
  • Carrier negotiation for best value services and devices
  • Rate plan optimization and usage monitoring
  • Invoice validation, bill management, and dispute resolution
  • “Cradle-to-Grave” device logistics
  • MDM and EMM enrollment and administration
  • Easy to use ordering catalogs and "My Devices" screens


TurningPoint's managed mobility solutions, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and NiOS® system deliver major quantitative and qualitative benefits that include:

  • Cost savings of up to 30% through invoice audit and zero usage assessment
  • Ongoing cost control through optimization of rate plans, invoices, and usage
  • Enhanced customer experience through easy to use web portals combined with our white glove customer care
  • On-demand, executive level management, and end user reporting
  • User-friendly web Portal tailored to each agency's requirements and policies
  • Ability to leverage economies of scale, consistently enforce security policies, and meeting agency and OMB reporting requirements
  • Centralized control ... Decentralized operations