Business Need

Creating an IT solution can be challenging, but the real work begins when the solution is put into operation – and any IT solution, even when properly built, will require regular maintenance. TurningPoint offers a support team that:

  • Understands the methods and code used to create the solution so that it operates optimally
  • Can monitor the efficacy of the system and apply code updates and bug fixes to keep it running at peak performance
  • Identifies current or potential security threats and takes action to mitigate system exposure
  • Can Modify the capabilities of the solution to meet emerging business issues
  • Can test the new capabilities to ensure they work as intended
  • Train new hires as needed keep the necessary skillsets onboard to perform daily operations

Our Offerings

TurningPoint has more than a decade of experience operating multi-million dollar IT solutions for government and commercial clients and follows industry best practices for program operation.

  • CMMI Level 5 for Development and Level 3 for Services – TurningPoint provides consistent, high-quality performance on all contracts
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) – to review and update program security and protect against new and emerging threats
  • Routine System Maintenance – keeps systems running at peak performance and mitigates the occurrences of unanticipated downtime to fix overlooked issues
  • Risk Management – building a risk log of all potential risks, their likely impact, and possible solutions to support quick issue resolution
  • Configuration Management – to ensure systems perform as intended and to coordinate planned updates
  • Data Quality Management – applying strong data governance processes to establish information as an asset that is timely, accurate, and readily available for consumption
  • Testing – to verify planned systems work as intended at all stages of the software development lifecycle
  • Help Desk – on-call specialists available to answer users questions and maintain system productivity
  • Continuity of Operations – dedicated back-ups and plans to mitigate negative impacts and reduce the time needed to return to business as usual
  • Training – regular professional development to ensure best-in-class service on an ongoing basis


Clients experience smooth, high-performing, and secure system operations due to TurningPoint’s well-honed operations and maintenance expertise.