TurningPoint’s Pre Order Validation Tool (POV) provides a simple to use web portal and XML based API that allows our customers to quickly pre-qualify a prospect for specific products and services and receive results that are useful and relevant to complete a sale and place an order. POV allows users or systems to retrieve Customer Service Records (CSR’s) and perform address validation and product serviceability, with coverage for domestic and international carriers regardless of the interface method currently supported by each provider.

Improve sales conversion and minimize downstream order rejections

Simple to use

A single data field returns detailed analysis and standardized responses regardless of carrier.


Support for all automated and non-automated carriers, address validation and serviceability data in a single interface

Reliable Results

Ensures orders are correct on the initial submission to avoid costly follow-on orders and delays in customer onboarding

Why customers choose TurningPoint's Pre Order Validation

  • A Frictionless Customer Experience

    Provides important carrier-specific porting requirements helping to reduce/eliminate multiple calls to end customer, and set proper expectations for service start dates.

  • Improves Time to Revenue

    Ensures orders are correct on initial submission to avoid costly follow-on supplemental orders and satisfy client ordering expectations.

  • Reduces Complexity

    Eliminates the need for users to understand complex LEC based USOC codes and their implications for porting.

  • A Unified Solution

    Automated results are provided in a common format irrespective of the varying responses by e-bonded carriers or BPO teams handling submissions to the non-bonded carriers.

  • Reduces Operational Costs

    POV is the most cost effective way for gaining service providers to greatly reduce provisioning costs and order rework while onboarding new customers.

  • Seamless Integration

    Back-end integration support for easy pre-population of CSR, serviceability, or address validation data into customer order to reduce error rates and improve onboarding.

Our Commercial Customers