Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of Business to Business Transactions will be completed through digital channels1. O2 Digital Customer Portal offers a next generation digital customer journey platform that rapidly delivers modernized digital experiences across the learn, buy, get, use, pay and support journeys. DCP is unique in that it does not require a perfect, fully functioning set of back-office APIs in order to launch. DCP enables rapid go to market, working seamlessly with existing IT back-office data feeds and ETL processes, and will consume real time APIs as they are available.

Creating meaningful digital experiences at scale

Support Existing Digital Tools

Will fully integrate existing digital marketing assets such as data analytics, content management, chat initiation, etc.

Support Existing IT Systems

Seamlessly integrates with IT data feeds and processes consuming APIs as they can be made available

Empower Your Users

Role-based access control to functions and data to enable digital adoption across internal & external users

End to End Order Management

DCP also offers pre-integrated universal order management including end to end visibility

Why companies choose TurningPoint’s O2 Digital Customer Portal

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

    A single solution easily configurable to each users’ preferences, enabling a unified experience throughout the order lifecycle for internal and external customers

  • Complete IT, Sales, Marketing, Ops Flexibility

    O2DCP delivers a unified digital experience, extensible across all products and services, working seamlessly with existing and future IT, security, sales, marketing, operations tools and assets.

  • Strong Security & Compliance Standards

    Independently appraised at CMMI Level 5 for Development, CMMI Level 3 for Services. Certified compliance through ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, & ISO/IEC 20000:2018.

  • Improves Time to Revenue

    Rapid time to market enabling support for products and services through the digital channel in a unified, cohesive way.

  • Proven Delivery Blueprint & Playbook

    We have the blueprint for success and will serve as a seamless extension of your team to ensure high quality delivery on time and under budget with well defined KPIs.

  • Real-time Insights into Your Business

    Interactive dashboards and reporting provide centralized access to order lifecycle status’ and data to drive continuous improvements to evolving customer experiences.

Our Commercial Customers