TurningPoint provides a single, automated interface to support ordering with all of your domestic and international trading partners. O2CI supports end-to-end voice porting and provisioning, as well as wholesale network connectivity ordering, while providing real time status and visibility.

One interface to access hundreds of trading partners.

Trading Partner Management

We maintain all trading partner interfaces, business rules, methods and procedures

Improved Flow Through Automation

A simple, streamlined integration to our O2CI platform provides automated updates and responses directly into your process flow

Real Time Updates How You Want to See Them

O2CI can provide real time order status updates in the format you or your clients want to see them

We Invest In Our Product Roadmap

We invest in our product roadmap for features that benefit you and the move towards customer self service experiences

Why companies choose TurningPoint’s O2 CI Platform

  • Shared Customer-First Mentality

    Our clients want internal resources focused on customers and bringing innovative products and services to market. They no longer want their valuable resources focusing on non-strategic trading partner ordering tasks.

  • Implementation & Support Flexibility

    Clients love working with us because we align to how they do business and not the other way around. After all, we are here to serve you.

  • Security & Industry Standards Compliance

    We comply with our clients security standards and maintain industry ordering standards such as LSOG, ASOG, and associated trading partner business rules.

  • Digital First Approach

    The industry is moving towards digital self service and our approach is all about enabling our clients to deliver on positive experiences that remove friction, not add it.

  • Real-time Insights into Your Business

    Interactive dashboards and reporting provide centralized access to order lifecycle status’ and data to drive continuous improvements to evolving customer experiences.

  • Our Integration & Domain Experience

    We have done extensive integration with front office, back office and third party systems and have tremendous knowledge and lessons learned to ensure a successful launch.

Our Commercial Customers