TurningPoint offers comprehensive BPO services across multiple functions and processes, tailored to the unique needs of your business. Our team of experts provides high quality, cost-controlled support for ordering, provisioning, sales operations & customer care. We deliver order processing across any channel or customer segment, for products including internet, video, voice, value-added services, and more. We also provide end-to-end voice porting, provisioning services, and wholesale network connectivity ordering, while ensuring real time status and visibility across all BPO activities.

A trusted team you can count on

Professional & qualified workforce

Supporting order management & provisioning services

Complete flexibility

With resources offered as a team extension, overflow support or full managed service

Delivering exceptional results

With increased productivity and quality metrics

Why companies choose TurningPoint BPO

  • A Customer-first partnership

    We understand the value of your end customers; therefore, we have adopted a strong commitment to teaming and collaboration, with a partnership mindset that results in increased value for our clients long term.

  • Improved quality & efficiency

    We pride ourselves on maintaining high quality results. We are constantly building tools to enhance our team’s productivity with an ongoing commitment to improved quality. Our team is available to support non-automated processes while strategic digital automation is achieved.

  • To maintain a competitive edge

    Our team comes with deep industry and functional experience, which renders superior competency and the ability to support complex, transformational change for your organization.

  • Flexibility to meet changing customer demand

    Our team provides organizations the flexibility to scale and appropriately allocate resources to meet their changing requirements while maintaining a seamless customer experience. Minimize your execution risk by allowing us to ensure your staffing needs are met, complete with SLA-backed performance.

  • Reduce operational costs

    With the help of re-engineering, process improvements and advanced technologies, we can reduce unnecessary operating & administrative costs while preserving high quality performance.

  • Extensive visibility & performance reporting

    We offer robust, transparent insights and reporting including a regularly defined cadence to jointly review progress and performance, with a focus on driving improvements and measurable business outcomes.

Our Commercial Customers