O2 Digital Customer Portal offers a next generation digital customer journey platform that delivers rapid modernized digital experiences across the learn, buy, get, use, pay and support journeys. DCP is unique in that it does not require a perfect fully functioning set of back-office APIs in order to launch. DCP enables rapid go to market, working seamlessly in concert with existing IT back-office data feeds, ETL processes and will consume real time APIs as they are available.


Optimize your digital transformation with TurningPoint’s universal ordering portal and API framework that is configurable to meet your business needs. Our order orchestration platform, O2OM, offers a modernized, flexible architecture that can easily scale to adapt to your future needs. O2OM supports a frictionless order lifecycle experience focused on customer value for any business or consumer transaction type.


TurningPoint provides a single, automated interface to support ordering with all of your domestic and international trading partners. O2CI facilitates end-to-end voice porting and provisioning, as well as wholesale network connectivity ordering, while providing real time status and visibility.


TurningPoint’s Pre Order Validation Tool (POV) provides a simple to use web portal and XML based API that allows our customers to quickly pre-qualify a prospect for specific products and services and receive results that are useful and relevant to complete a sale and place an order. POV allows users or systems to retrieve Customer Service Records (CSR’s) and perform address validation and product serviceability, with coverage for domestic and international carriers regardless of the interface method currently supported by each provider.


Data is the foundation of all that we do, and we believe that a strong partnership relies on strong analytics to facilitate data-driven decisions and continuous improvement. Access to reliable data in the right format at the right time is crucial to driving any business. TurningPoint’s O2BI platform ensures you have comprehensive insights into your operation to drive business decisions.


TurningPoint offers a specialized, highly trained Business Process Outsourcing team with years of industry experience helping businesses increase flexibility while lowering cost. We understand the ever-changing needs of customers, and our aim is to delight you through a combination of operational excellence, industry expertise, and transformation capabilities. Our focus is to work with you to achieve your business goals, and partner for the next level of improvements in order to attain competitive advantage.


TurningPoint operates as a seamless extension of our client team(s) to perform high quality, on-time software development and systems integration. We help our clients deliver business outcomes in accordance with their timelines, and we understand that success is the only option.

We support everything from simple application development and internal / external systems integration to complete channel modernization & transformation across a customer lifecycle whether a business, consumer, partner or internal operations experience.

Our Use of Cutting Edge Technologies & Standards

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