Rockville, MD – June 4, 2010 – Turning Point Global Solutions, a software engineering professional services firm, today announced that its executive Networx Transition Management team will be attending the FAS/ITS 2010 Network Services Conference, June 21-24 in Orlando, FL. TurningPoint personnel will be available at Booth 208 to speak with agencies about steps that they should take today as the June 2011 transition deadline quickly approaches. TurningPoint will also be demonstrating its Networx Inventory and Optimization Solution (NiOS), Release 3.5 software that promotes information assurance and automates many transition activities. TurningPoint is eager to continue its partnership with GSA in assisting Federal Agencies to complete their transition to the Networx contract resulting in lower service costs and access to the latest telecommunications technologies available under this contract vehicle.


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TurningPoint’s Networx transition service delivery organization has worked steadily with large, mid-sized, and small agencies in their transition efforts. To date, TurningPoint has assisted VA, FDA, FEMA, NTSB, CPSC, DHS ICE and others to prepare for this significant effort, solve problems they have encountered along the way, and realize the millions in savings enabled by transition to the Networx contract. Based on TurningPoint’s work on Networx Transition since 2005, TurningPoint believes that agencies - with the help of innovative and responsive small businesses providing robust and ongoing inventory and management tools and Networx-experienced program and project management personnel and expert provisioning staff - are capable of completing the transition by the June 2011 deadline. With NiOS®, an industry proven TLM solution, not only will agencies be on target to meet their deadline and begin to realize the cost saving potential of Networx, they will also be able to take ownership of their telecom information and ensure the accuracy of their orders, billing, and post transition inventories.

“TurningPoint’s past participation in the FAS/ITS Network Services Conferences in 2007, 2008, and 2009 has built upon our understanding of government needs, and helped our long term planning by providing insights on emerging needs and technologies, enabling us to develop innovative solutions and technologies to facilitate seamless, expedited Federal telecommunications transitions,” said TurningPoint’s Managing Partner, David Hughes. “We will be exhibiting in Booth 208 at this year’s conference, providing a unique and interactive forum to discuss the lessons that we have learned from the trenches of Networx transition, and the hurdles that must be overcome to achieve faster transition and reduced telecommunications costs.”

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