“TurningPoint's TRAM™ is a real-time CSR retrieval and analysis tool that offers telecommunications providers a fast and easy way to gather accurate order information, reduce fall-out errors by over 50%, improve customer experience, and expedite their number porting process.”

Rockville, MD – April 4, 2018 – Turning Point Global Solutions, L.L.C., a software engineering and services company with over 16 years' experience supporting the telecommunications industry, today announced the commercial launch of Transaction Reporting and Management system (TRAM™), a cloud-based real-time Customer Service Record (CSR) retrieval and analysis tool. The solution will enable telecommunication service providers to quickly gather relevant current account information, analyze it to identify any port inhibiting factors, and provide guidance on how to resolve potential issues before submitting the order.


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The benefit of the TRAM™ solution is that it will save time verifying information on a port order and decrease overall porting time, which will enable service providers to greatly reduce costly errors and deliver a better customer experience. For example, after simply entering a telephone number that is pre-authorized by subscriber, the TRAM™ system identifies the current carrier and provides notification if there are additional numbers on the account. The tool also returns simple color-coded red, yellow, and green responses, with red indicating an issue requiring a call to the carrier, yellow indicating that additional information is required from the customer, and green indicating the order is ready to submit. With over 35,000 users already on the system, TRAM™ has shown that over 60% of transactions fall into the yellow error category. This allows for any errors to be corrected prior to submitting an order, thereby avoiding the costly fall-out that would normally occur.

“The simplicity and value of this product is apparent when you realize how quickly we've been able to get major carriers on board" says Silvio Renzi, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at TurningPoint. "In the aggregate we're already seeing reductions in order fallout well over 50% when customers use TRAM™ to identify and fix issues before submitting orders.”

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