Rockville, MD - July 8, 2021 - Turning Point Global Solutions today announced that it successfully implemented an electronic handshake - called eBonding - between its telecommunications enterprise management system (TEMS) solution called NiOS® and telecommunications carrier ATT. The work was performed on behalf of the Veterans Administration (VA) in support of transitioning telecom services to the GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS) contract. eBonding is a software integration method that allows for the automatic exchange of data between two business applications. The use of eBonding is a new requirement in EIS, a best-in-class GSA contract vehicle all federal agencies use to contract with telecommunications carriers.


David R. Hughes
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Through eBonding, VA can now seamlessly exchange ordering, notifications, and billing information between the VA's TEMS solution (NiOS) and ATT's business support systems. This capability allows for more efficient transmission of business-to-business data leading to reduced errors, smoother transactions, and faster business processing. The VA can now synchronize its inventory, ordering, and billing information in a more timely way than was possible when using predecessor GSA contracts.

Managing Partner David Hughes said NiOS's eBonding success, working as a subcontractor to B3 Group, represents a significant value for the VA.

"TurningPoint established the connections and did significant testing to make this interface happen," said Hughes. "Our implementation of EIS requirements and VA-specific configurations is helping VA lead the way among federal agencies in managing its telecom resources more efficiently and at lower cost."

TurningPoint is currently in testing with Lumen, another EIS telecom carrier, and has plans to complete eBonding with all other EIS vendors at VA and other agencies in the coming months.

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