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Project Spotlight:
Next Generation video webcasting software product for a publically traded IT company

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Our customer, a market leader in the video webcasting field, is a publicly traded company that broadcasts live events and transmits the captured video over the Internet. Customers are able to schedule the events they wish to view ahead of time and prepay using an online payment system.

The Challenge: Our Customer wanted to upgrade to a next-generation webcasting scheduling system (Visual Webcaster Release 3.0), and port the application to the .NET architecture. The internal development organization lacked the necessary expertise and available resources for this work.

The Solution: Our successful delivery of this solution involved migrating data from an Access 97 database to SQL database, developing the Visual Webcaster Release 3.0 in .NET architecture (using ASP.NET and C#, and MS SQL 2000 as RDBMS) and making design improvements. TurningPoint:

  • Performed technology transformation to .NET architecture & design improvements to the client’s core product
  • Wrote, designed and delivered 200+ functional improvements in the new release

The Result: The Visual Webcaster 3.0 system passed a robust client acceptance process within 30 days of TurningPoint’s final code delivery. This enabled our customer to fulfill client expectations for new features on time. We performed this work over a series of four successive contracts, each awarded based on the success of the previous one. TurningPoint’s work has enabled our customer to remain the industry leader in the emerging Internet Video webcasting market.


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