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Project Spotlight:
Operation and Maintenance of Complex IT Enterprise

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Simplified infrastructure equates to lower cost and enhanced productivity.

Our client, a publicly traded telecommunications applications provider, hosts back office Operations Support System (OSS) solutions for Telecom/Communication service providers and enterprises worldwide.

The Challenge: A critical U.S. telecommunications infrastructure database maintained internally by this client

  • Lacked necessary business process integration and automation, and
  • Had much unnecessary redundancy,

This demanded excessive resources and was affecting profit margins. The client sought external application maintenance and support to cut costs and improve efficiency.

The Solution: To streamline the operation, TurningPoint’s team

  • Analyzed business processes
  • Eliminated redundant steps
  • Automated manual steps, reducing the potential for human error
  • Developed an executive dashboard providing open ticket status

Leveraging this enhanced operation, our team then provided ongoing operations and maintenance support:

  • Identified issues and provided speedy resolution of system outages
  • Staged and implemented patches/upgrades/enhancements to the pre-production environment
  • Validated the application for effectiveness and accuracy of operation under various complex environments
  • Managed, maintained and monitored the application while providing on-call Tier 1/Tier 2 support
  • Supported deployment of software patches/enhancements/upgrades across both production and pre-production environments.

The Result: TurningPoint employs ITIL best practices to proactively monitor the customer’s application and take action as needed. Today TurningPoint staff, working with our client’s staff as an integrated project team, monitors and manages 525 Gateway Services, 110 Web Services, and 25 Products distributed across 100 Sun Solaris/Linux servers and 30 Oracle RDBMS databases. These systems handle an average of 300,000 transactions per day, except for Saturdays and Sundays. The client continues to award TurningPoint annual task orders based on their satisfaction with the service we provide. TurningPoint’s implementation of business process automation, proactive system monitoring, and industry-proven repeatable processes enabled our client to:

  • Reduce program cost through automation of several manual steps, thus reducing human resources required
  • Increase revenue, through enhanced efficiency that created the capacity to take on more clientele

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