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Telephone number portability business process outsourcing

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Enterprise-Wide Network & Telecommunications Lifecycle Management

Our client, a $450+ million leader in the telecommunications industry, provides a mission critical service to enable all North American telecommunications carriers to interoperate. Supporting this service is a clearinghouse application, an electronic means to handle Local Service Requests involving inter-carrier communication, and local number and wireless number porting processes. It is a complex, heterogeneous IT enterprise including Unix- and Windows-based servers, and mission-critical web applications with Oracle databases and desktop systems.

The Challenge: Initially 60% of all carrier transactions were "falling out," meaning that the clearinghouse could not process them automatically, and expensive manual intervention was needed. Errors both within the clearinghouse and associated with the incoming transactions were causing problems.

The Solution: TurningPoint conducted a B2B transaction fallout analysis and developed a knowledge base of business rules affecting transaction flow. Using this, TurningPoint rolled out a new business process governing the clearinghouse solution. The proprietary software tool we used to manage this operation provided real-time visibility into the status of all records that had fallen out, enabling the rapid resolution of issues and the continuous process improvement that has made this a very loyal TurningPoint client.

The Result:
  • The clearinghouse fallout rate has fallen from 60% to less than 3%.
  • TurningPoint process controls enabled us to consistently outperform our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by 10 - 20 percentage points.
  • Improved automation based on documented knowledge base resulted in reduced manual intervention, thus cutting costs.

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