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Project Spotlight:
Domain Name System (DNS) project for a major communications service provider

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Our client, a publicly traded telecommunications interoperability services provider, delivers critical Domain Name System (DNS) service, a distributed secure encrypted redirection service that converts domain names into IP addresses. Domain names are alphabetic and easy to read and remember for Internet users, however, the Internet is really based on IP addresses. Every time a domain name is used, a DNS service must convert the name into the corresponding IP address. Our client's DNS services are an essential component for the functionality of the Internet and facilitate the uninterrupted flow of Internet traffic for over 20 million domains using:

  • Managed authoritative DNS service,
  • Recursive DNS service,
  • Geo-Locational traffic routing
  • Global monitoring services

The Challenge: The DNS solution platform runs on nearly 300+ high end servers, with 4000 enterprise customers relying on these systems to achieve 100% uptime for their DNS infrastructure. The mission critical nature of this service demands 24/7/365 support. Providing this support cost-effectively was a challenge.

The Solution: TurningPoint works as part of this client's team to comprehensively support this critical program by delivering maintenance and enhancement support, including:

  • Supporting the DNS solution, a complex application with many servers and distributed applications with complex functionalities
  • Monitoring and managing 75+ database servers
  • Deployment of new releases, new servers, product updates, and patches
  • Monitoring alerts, providing time bound resolution, and escalating critical issues to customer management.
The Result:
  • Reduced the potential for mission critical service outages caused by human error, by automating several steps in the application deployment process.
  • Proactively monitoring denial of service attacks, ensuring 99.99% uptime of all required services.
  • Immediate fixing of any service degradation, with no or minimal customer impact.
  • Met all customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets. This client continues to award TurningPoint annual task orders based on their satisfaction with the service provided.

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