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Project Spotlight:
Consolidated database of telecom services and billing reconciliation for DLA

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Enterprise-Wide Network & Telecommunications Lifecycle Management

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) was formed to enable rapid procurement and distribution of vast amounts of munitions and supplies to U.S. armed forces. The agency employs about 25,000 civilians and military employees and operates in 48 states and 28 countries. Inherent in meeting its mission is achieving cost efficient and effective communication with the almost 2.5 million men and women that make up the US military.

The Challenge: Like many agencies, DLA had decentralized telecommunications operations and was experiencing difficulty gathering the information needed for planning its FTS2001 to Networx transitions. Many of its telecom records were located in disparate locations at the sub-agency level, and many only existed in hard copy format.

The Solution: TurningPoint delivered a consolidated database of DLA telecom services that enabled us to:

  • Audit and analyze telecom spending to support identification of more cost effective services.
  • Identify invalid telecom charges appearing on invoices, and services not being used that could be eliminated.
  • Centralize DLA's telecom management, without diminishing the level of telecom services deemed appropriate by the DLA.
  • Help DLA meet OMB Circular A-123 compliance requirements.
The Result:
  • TurningPoint identified savings opportunities and enabled DLA to save 23% on total telecom expenditure
  • DLA's investment in our services fully paid for itself within 6 months through the execution of TurningPoint's recommendations.

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