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Project Spotlight:
Publicly accessible web portal for the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC)

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Mission Critical Access to Information Delivered.

The Challenge: Our client, the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) - a non-profit organization that provides legal advice to victims of crime - was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to develop and deploy an online content management system with search engine capability containing all federal, state, and tribal crime victims' rights laws and case law, including thousands of legal provisions, statutes, constitutional provisions, court rules, and administrative code sections, case summaries, and Attorney General opinions that pertain to victim's rights. Mission success for NCVC is intrinsically linked to their ability to reach their constituents.

The Solution: TurningPoint won this contract, by proposing an innovative cutting edge technology utilizing Google Search Appliance (GSA), and demonstrating TurningPoint’s ability to meet search performance criteria. However, upon contract award, TurningPoint went one step further and was able to design proprietary search algorithm that replaced the use of Google Search Appliance, and thus cut the license fee and operational cost associated with using the GSA. TurningPoint developed, designed, and deployed this robust, Section 508 compliant web portal on time and within budget. This large scale, complex application consists of:

  • A sophisticated search appliance that enables users to quickly find information based on several search criteria and built-in information organization structure
  • Content management module
  • Search management module
  • User management module
  • Configuration management module, with an advanced user interface designed to empower the public via easy data access
  • Leading edge “N–tier” Architecture that includes a
    • Presentation Layer
    • Business Logic Layer
    • Persistence Layer

The Result: TurningPoint delivered the application with 100% of the requirements and tasks delivered on time and within budget. This successful web portal has become NCVC’s flagship outreach program.

The www.victimlaw.info web portal is publicly accessible and provides access to over a million records, for attorneys, government officials, crime victims, and the general public to efficiently search through a vast collection of legal documents with speed, and accuracy.


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