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Project Spotlight:
Inventory Centric Telecom Management Solution for the FDA

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Enterprise-Wide Network & Telecommunications Lifecycle Management

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strives to control operational costs in order to maximize funds available for its main mission: Helping to make medicines and foods more effective, safer, and more affordable. TurningPoint’s telecom management expertise and technology helps FDA free up those funds.

The Challenge:The FDA knew that cost savings opportunities could be found in its telecom infrastructure and accounting operations, but lacked the visibility needed to pinpoint those opportunities. A complex and ever-growing telecommunications operation, with thousands of assets and hundreds of thousands of service features, impeded their efforts. In addition, fulfillment of new and changed service requests was slowed by a complex and costly telecom provisioning process. The FDA was also concerned with identifying telecom bill overcharges, known to average 9-15% on a typical bill.

The Solution:TurningPoint expert telecom personnel, empowered with NiOS, reengineered FDA’s telecom service ordering and provisioning business processes, thereby streamlining the processes for
  • Ordering telecom services
  • Tracking telecom service inventory
  • Managing the agency’s telecommunications and network infrastructure budget
  • Optimizing the network
  • Validating billing

In configuring this workflow system, TurningPoint created electronic interfaces with the FDA’s primary telecom carriers to download service order and billing information directly from their back office systems. Our team used this information to scrub, normalize, and reconcile the telecom data and put it into a single database repository.

The Result:

  • FDA realized a 9% reduction in their annual telecom spend. 
  • FDA now has a top-level view of all of their thousands of telecom assets.
  • FDA is positioned for smooth transition to the new Networx contract, and all other future telecom transitions, thanks to NiOS and the always up-to-date telecom inventory that it enables.
  • FDA can manage inventory and run reports with enough detail to show equipment and usage costs at each of the agency’s 282 office locations. 
  • FDA now has an integrated, efficient, and responsive telecom network.

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