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Enterprise-Wide Network & Telecommunications Lifecycle Management

The CMS Beneficiary Network Services (BNS) is a complex enterprise employing over 5,000 people and providing rapid and accurate data to Medicare beneficiaries regarding claims benefits, enrollment eligibility and available programs. The platform integrates multiple contractor sites, multiple systems, applications and data sources via a secure data and voice network. Thirteen different vendors provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support for the BNS.

The Challenge: CMS was experiencing challenges in oversight of and cohesion among the numerous contractors that support the massive VCS enterprise.  The Agency needed to ensure that industry best practices and technologies were being utilized effectively and efficiently in order to realize the original VCS vision: to modernize and improve the CMS telephone customer service system, and ultimately improve the Beneficiary’s customer service experience.

The Solution:TurningPoint is protecting CMS’ IT investments and assuring the achievement of strategic objectives by providing Project Management Office (PMO) and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) support to the VCS enterprise.  The TurningPoint project team reviews and analyzes documents such as test plan cases, strategy test scripts, design documents, and test shot screens against Industry Best Practices, including those of

Instead of policing compliance, however, our focus is on collaborating with the other contractors to make things better for CMS.  We have a proactive approach: we find programs that are in trouble and help the contractors get back on track, by leveraging our intimate knowledge of CMS, the VCS architecture, industry best practices, and the needs of the stakeholders.  

The Result:Thanks to TurningPoint’s support, CMS has enhanced their ability for project oversight, and is establishing the Project Management maturity at the organizational level that enables them to:

  • Achieve maximum success on IT projects, and ensure that they meet scope budget and schedule requirements while meeting stakeholder expectations.
  • Example: On one project, TurningPoint delivered detailed reviews of another contractor’s development procedures for a mission critical system, identified problem areas, provided recommendations, and collaborated with the contractor to achieve them. This approach drove an 81% error reduction in a subsequent release of that system.

  • Maintain full visibility of the status of all IT projects, and keep the management and project community informed across the enterprise
  • Our team works with the Government Task Leader (GTL) to review the entire portfolio of IT projects, prioritize risks, drive work activities for the next reporting period, and develop specific recommendations for improvements or corrections. We also deliver a risk assessment with each monthly status report.


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