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EIS Transition and Business Operations Services

Operational costs can "consume more than 80 percent of the total life-cycle costs" for capital assets, according to the OMB Capital Programming Guide. Active asset management is therefore essential for cost control and truer understanding of IT's business value. The decentralized way in which Federal Agencies often procure telecom assets (for example, multiple offices within an Agency might all have authority to purchase cell phones) makes it difficult to review, plan for, and actively manage these investments, because there is no central record of inventory.

TurningPoint has developed the Network Inventory and Optimization Solution (NiOS), a holistic software solution that enables clients to proactively manage their IT infrastructure assets. NiOS provides the complete Asset Lifecycle Management solution, which includes suppliers, SLA management, annual maintenance contract management, tracking version and service pack/patch level of assets software components. With customizable workflow manager, NiOS can be configured to track an IT asset from acquisition to provisioning to continued maintenance support. NiOS provides a customizable workflow engine to manage various steps involved in IT asset acquisition, deployment, and maintenance activities, which lower overall IT asset management cost and achieve better governance with less dependency on individuals and outside contractors.

Overall, NiOS Customers save 8-15% on total telecom expenditures and experience a return on their investment within 18 months. In addition, NiOS-assisted Agencies realize benefits of:

  • Comprehensive Inventory Management of IT assets, including software version and patch level details
  • IPv6 address management services
  • IPv4 to IPv6 transition services
  • Automated asset discovery and monitoring
  • OMB and Federal IT Compliance (Circular A-123, FISMA, COOP, Section 508)
  • Automated workflow that enables tracking of vendor/supplier SLAs, and maintenance contracts
  • Acquisition to Disposal - Asset Life Cycle Management

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