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Mobile Efficiency Center (MEC)

As the government increasingly relies on an expanding variety of mobile devices and applications, enforcing mobile policy and operational control across the enterprise is becoming more difficult.  Federal Agencies are facing emerging challenges in managing diverse role-based (user/usage segmentation) deployment of mobile devices, services, security solutions and applications.  The following factors complicate security, cost and inventory management, and usage tracking:

  • High churn rate. New users are regularly being added, while existing users are frequently switching devices as mobile technologies are upgraded.
  • New mobile applications each day. The growing number of Federal and public applications required by mobile users makes real-time inventory tracking of applications and devices an essential component of a proactive mobile management strategy to ensure full application and device functionality.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The push by employees to connect their personal devices to Federal infrastructure, networks, and email heightens security risks to Agencies who lack an accurate inventory tool.  Agencies cannot control or secure what they do not know they have.

These challenges make maintaining enterprise-wide control of the Agency mobility infrastructure crucial.  TurningPoint’s Mobile Efficiency Center™ (MEC) – powered by NiOS® – does just that. It enables a highly secure, visible, cost efficient, and strategy-driven mobile telecommunications environment that is responsive to Agency mission requirements.  The MEC integrates three solutions into a single holistic platform:

  • Telecom Lifecycle Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Store (MAS)

Leveraging the MEC solution, Federal Agencies can manage, backup, configure, monitor and secure all Agency-wide mobile devices across all mobile operating systems. The MEC enables:

  • Holistic Enterprise-wide Mobility Management
    • Governance and financial management
    • Mobile Policy enforcement and operational control
  • Security Across All Devices& Operating Systems
  • Visibility & Control in Real Time
  • Forward & Reverse Provisioning

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