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Transaction Reporting and Assignment Management (TRAM) is a cloud based real-time CSR retrieval and analysis tool. The solution will enable service providers to quickly gather relevant current account information, analyze it to identify any port inhibiting factors and provide guidance on how to resolve potential issues. TRAM will save time verifying information on a port order and decrease overall porting time both of which will enable service providers to greatly reduce costly errors and deliver a better customer experience.

After simply entering a TN, the system identifies the current carrier, provides notification if additional numbers are on the account and returns simple color-coded Red, Yellow and Green responses with Red indicating an issue requiring a call to the Carrier, Yellow requiring additional information from the customer and Green being ready to submit. With Yellow responses representing nearly 60% of transactions, TRAM has the potential of greatly reducing costly fallout since these orders can be corrected while the customer is still on the line and before the associated order falls out.

How TRAM Can Help You:

Major Cost Savings

Reduce fallout by over 50%:

by identifying the majority of port inhibiting factors real-time while the customer is still on the phone, your customer service representative has the opportunity to correct those issues prior to submitting the order thereby reducing the probability of fallout.

Reduce manual processing costs:

with less fallout you'll require far fewer resources to manually handle order fallout.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce call-backs:

TRAM increases the accuracy of your orders thereby reducing fallout. With far fewer errors you'll have far fewer customer call backs.

Greatly increase rate of orders processed on first try:

TRAM allows customer service representatives to correct port inhibiting issues while the customer is still on the line so your orders are much more likely to flow through on the first try.

Meet customer commitments dates more often:

Meet customer commitments dates more often: Less fall-out with greater flow-through means you are much more likely to meet the timeframe committed to your customers.

Improve Order Accuracy

Avoid slamming and ensure all TNs accurately captured:

customers don't always know all TNs on their account. This often happens with ranges of numbers where the customer doesn't know several of the numbers in that range aren't their's. Porting the entire range would mean you inadvertently slammed someone. TRAM automatically identifies all TNs associated with an account so it can ensure you port all numbers and that you don't end up slamming anyone.

Use CSR data to pre-populate your order:

TRAM can take the valid date off a CSR and use it to pre-populate your order. This is a tremendous time savings and ensures much greater accuracy especially for orders with large numbers of TNs.


  • Available APIs to integrate with existing OSS/BSS systems
  • Cloud based solution requiring minimal deployment time
  • Zero infrastructure and MRC costs
  • Zero training costs
  • Roles based access support
  • Robust dashboard and reporting tools
  • Competitive transaction based pricing

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